Technical diving

Teaching Method

Our teaching method for technical diving has been developed considering many factors, first above all divers security, simplicity and cost containment. It is the result of the experiences of professionals and depp divers.

Regarding security, our technical dives should not be defined as "extreme" and never take place in obstructed environments (for which there are specific specialization courses); we always apply, even in the most simple dives, the criterion of equipment redundancy, the buddy system and our dive protocol.

Diving outside the safety curve or at deeper depths than the usual ones is not simply a change of bottom times and operational depths, it is mainly a change of programming mentality and dive organization.

Our teaching method is a gradual approach to the different diving techniques, learning how to automatize the procedures they require.

Learning is guaranteed by rigorous exercises and realistic simulations of emergency procedures, such as the breaking of a jacket's valve, the failure of a regulator or the exhaustion of a breathable mixture.

Entry Requirements

To access the courses you need to satisfy at least two of the following requirements, in addition to the minimum age required by each course:

  • number of dives
  • patent preparatory
  • proven experience (at the request of the instructor and certified by a trainer)
  • It is also necessary to be in possession of a medical certificate proving their suitability underwater activities issued by a sports doctor.


All participants are responsible for the good operating conditions of their equipment, either their own or the rental one.

During the courses, the instructors of the Trimix Scuba Association will provide all the missing equipment to the students. Even so, it is still highly recommended to use your own equipment, as many of the automations you will acquire during the dives are based on the familiarities with the used equipment. Moreover, the protocol for the Trimix Scuba Association courses requires divers to become fully autonomous.



The certification will only be released upon the completion of all the training modules with a minimum score of 90/100.


In all the dives the PpO2 value does not exceed 1.4 atm and 1.6 atm in the decompression phase (NOOA limit).

In trimix diving the equivalent narcosis must be between 30 and 40 meters.

The student/instructor ratio is, at most, 2:1 in the Trimix courses; 3:1 in the Technician Diver courses and Nitrox Deco Diver; 4:1 in the Nitrox but it always comes down to 1:1 in case of poor visibility, current etc. ..

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