Digital Underwater Photography

That's not the shot i took!! Damn, everything is so blue...
these are some of the most common problems a beginner might make while taking pictures underwater.
The Digital Underwater Photography course teaches us how to avoid them.

Age Required: 10

Number of dives: 2

Search & Recovery

Finding lost objects on the bottom of the sea is never easy.
The Search & Recovery course explores the most suitable searching techniques for any given tipology of sea-bottom, along with the use of lift bags to recover heavy objects.

Age Required: 12

Number of dives: 2

Dry Suit

To dive in cold waters you need the right equipment.
Thanks to the dry suit we are allowed to dive in sites and time of the year that would otherwise be precluded.

Age Required: 10

Number of dives: 2

Emergency Oxygen Provider     

Knowing how and when to use oxygen in an emergency is very important.

The Emergency Oxygen Provider course is exactly about that, teaching you how to recognize the different diving patologies and how to take actions!

Emergency First Responder and First Aid

The Emergency First Responder course is not only about diving.

It is required to enroll in the PADI Rescue Diver course but its applications might come in handy in your day to day life, learning how to provide RCP or how treat minor injuries.


The lure of the deep. Divers might want to explore deeper things when going on a dive. It might be something particular on a wall or a ship wreck. It doesn't matter what the reasons are. What does is that, to do it, you need further training concerning the deep dives.

Age Required: 15

Max Depth: 40 mt./130 ft.

Number of dives: 4

Enriched Air

When we go on a repetitive dive or if we like to take pictures, we might find ourselves too close to the non-decompression limit.

Learning how to use Enriched Air will allow us longer bottom times.

Age Required: 12

Number of dives: 2


Underwater Navigator

Where should we go? Where is the boat? who hasn't experienced beeing lost underwater?

Thanks to the Underwater Navigator course you'll learn what to look for to orientate yourself, as well as new tecniques to use your underwater compass

Age Required: 10

Number of dives: 3




Immersione Notturna

Immergerci in un posto a noi familiare di notte ci permette di avere una visione completamente diversa del luogo e di vedere organismi che difficilmente potremmo vedere di giorno.

Il corso per l'Immersione Notturna ci permette di imparare le tecniche per farlo in sicurezza.

Età minima: 12

Numero di immersioni: 3


Immersione sui Relitti

I relitti che giacciono sui fondali marini sono da sempre un richiamo irresistibile per molti subacquei, anche in virtù dei reef artificiali che si vengono a formare.

Questo corso ci insegna come esplorarli in totale sicurezza.

Età minima: 15

Numero di immersioni: 4


Massimizzazione dell'Assetto

Controllare il proprio assetto è fondamentale!

Sia per fare meno fatica, e quindi ridurre i consumi, che per evitare contatti involontari potenzialmente pericolosi per noi e per i nostri fondali.

Con questo corso impareremo come ottimizzare il nostro assetto.

Età minima: 10

Numero di immersioni: 2


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